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Skype Spanish lessons

Group Spanish Lessons

For all levels. Maximun class size of five students.

Attending this classes online, you will find the same advantages as learning Spanish in a physical school, but in the comfort of your home. These Spanish lessons are taken via Skype and they are ideal for groups of friends, work colleagues and even individuals looking for a group to joining.

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Private classes via Skype at your convenience.

Tailored lessons adapted to the particular needs of each student. Request a 30 min free trial class.

Learn Spanish via Skype at your own pace in the comfort of your home. You will be able to take lessons with a certified professional native Spanish speaker tutor to receive grammar corrections and explanations in real time.

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Spanish Lessons online

Free lessons and quizzes

Free quizzes, video lessons, explanations and free live webinars.

On our website you will find free Spanish learning resources online such as; explanatory videos, quizzes, live webinars… But complemented with optional aditional classes via Skype with our tutors at special prices.

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Immersion Courses

Immersion programs in Spain

Short and long term Spanish immersion programs with aviability through the year.

These courses involve moving to Spain to learn the language. By doing so you will force yourself to communicate with your new environment in Spanish. Definitely an immersion program is the best way to learn a language.

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Why people choose us

Spanish classes online via Skype

The best way to learn Spanish

Conversation classes

Interactive Spanish speaking lessons with native tutors from Spain. The conversation will be focused on your learning needs through dynamic sessions via Skype without boring grammar lessons.

Additional learning material

We use additional tested material to help you while you progress. Also customized homework will be ready and aimed at the particular needs of each learner, to be corrected by the teachers.

Spanish learning via skype

Study Spanish at your convenience

You just need a laptop, tablet or cellphone connected to the internet . Request easily the type of Spanish classes via skype you wish to take, and schedule the time that suits you the best.

Spanish group lessons online via Skype

Special offers for groups

Special offers for groups and companies adapted to your needs. Take advantage of them while learning Spanish with your teammates, friends or family saving money.

How it works

Just three steps

Spanish classes via Skype at your convenience.

The best way to learn Spanish.

How we are seen

  • Cindy Parker
    Thanks to Hi Español I now feel that I can achieve my goal of being fluent in Spanish. It is wonderful to receive this teaching from experts in the comfort of my home.
    Cindy Parker
  • Trish White
    Language schools usually have a lot of students in one class. I'd rather study Spanish with a native teacher, where the classes I receive are face to face and designed for me.
    Trish White
  • James Mitchell
    The teachers are very nice and patient. I was too lazy to enroll in a Language school. Signing up is very easy and allows me to take the class from home at my own pace.
    James Mitchell