Terms of sale

General conditions of sale

The present General Conditions of Sale will be applied to the commercialization of the products included in any of the pages of www.hiespanol.com (hereinafter, the SITE), together with the Conditions of Use that the USER and privacy policy admits to know and accept, Which can be consulted at the following links: Terms of use. , Privacy Policy.

Sales contract

The legal and fiscal holder of the www.hiespanol.com is Dalmacio Díaz Terán, with tax identification number (NIF) 70801823A and domiciled at C / Los Lobos, 1 2B – 05200 Arevalo (Spain).

When a USER places an order on the SITE, he / she is declaring that he / she is of legal age under the Spanish legislation (18 years) and accepting the present General Conditions of Sale, formalizing this contract upon receiving the USER an email from the administrators of the SITE confirming the order. Once the administrators of the SITE certify payment of the amounts corresponding to the products included in the order, the USER will receive another email confirming the purchase.

Payment Methods

www.hiespanol.com accepts payments with Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit or debit cards. The USER who chooses this payment option must enter the data of his card during the purchase process. The SITE only stores the last 4 numbers of the card used for the purchase in order to inform the user in the future of the card with which he made the payment. The rest of the data is sent in an encrypted form to the STRIPE platform, which is responsible for managing the payment. In the case of recurring payments, the STRIPE platform is responsible for issuing the payment, guaranteeing with its redundant security systems the security and confidentiality of the data provided by the USER, which do not go through the SITE again.

The SITE also supports payments directly through the PayPal.com platform for those who have a user in it. In addition, you can pay in this same platform without having to be registered using a Visa, Visa Electron, 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express or International Maestro cards. The USER who wishes to pay their order with any of these credit or debit cards must enter the data of the same in the PayPal payment platform, which will be redirected at the end of the purchase process. The use of this one allows to assure the maximum levels of security during the process of payment since the data are managed through the secure servers of this company specialized in the online payment. The SITE does not collect or store any data of our USERS related to the cards or to the PAYPAL account used to pay the orders. In the case of recurring payments, the PAYPAL platform is responsible for creating an “Automatic Payment Profile”, which the user can manage from his PAYPAL account, guaranteeing with their redundant security systems the security and confidentiality of the data provided By the USER, that do not go back to the SITE.

In any case, all communications between the page and the USER are secured by an SSL security certificate, so that the USER can check at any time that the page visited belongs to the SITE by verifying the URL and the “secure site” “Placed in front of this URL, which will be of type https.

Also, payments are accepted through bank transfers in the account indicated by the SITE at the end of the purchase process. In these cases, the SITE will not assume any commission or charge that any of the banking entities involved in the process may generate during the process and from which it is impossible for us (due to lack of knowledge) to inform during the purchase process. It is not possible to acquire by this means products that imply a recurring payment.

We are working on other payment systems, but at the moment payments can not be made in cash or by checks, promissory notes or direct debits, among other methods of payment not accepted.

Taxes and invoices

According to the tax legislation in force in Spain, Spanish education is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT), so orders do not include any additional charges for taxes of this type.

The USER who requires an invoice or some additional document accrediting the purchase, can request it at the following email address: [email protected]

Validity and ownership of lessons

The individual class or classes may only be used by the USER who purchased it/them. Its sale or sale to third parties is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by the administrators of the SITE.

In case the buyer is a company or similar, lessons may be used by several USERS, which must be previously identified by the buyer through an email.

All lessons packages expire in 6 months start day of payment.

Subscription Products

The products under subscription sold by the SITE are subject to a recurring payment, that is, with a certain periodicity that will be informed during the purchase process. These products may only be used by the USER who purchased them, being prohibited their sale or sale to third parties.


If the USER cancels a reserved class notifying at least 24 hours in advance through his/her user dashboard or an email to the address [email protected], that reservation will be canceled and the USER will be able to enjoy that class at another time without any type of cost Extra or penalty. If the cancellation of a class occurs within the 24 hours prior to the time it was reserved or if the USER is not presented at the agreed time, the class will be considered as having been given and the corresponding amount will not be refunded except in Exceptional cases and for duly justified reasons.

If the student does not notify with those 24 hours in advance or does not appear at the reserved time, he will lose the class. The corresponding amount will not be refunded.

In those cases in which the administrators of the SITE decide unilaterally to cancel the reserved lessons , the USER will be refunded in full the amount paid without penalty or any other cost (this unilateral termination of the sales contract By the SITE will always respond to justified causes, generally based on persistent technical problems that make it impossible to teach lessons).

In no case will be the return of the amount corresponding to classes reserved that have already been received normally by the USER.

All packages expire in 6 months start day of payment. All lessons from a pack that have not been taken during that period of time are considered lost. Therefore, the corresponding unused amount will not be refunded.

In the case of products under subscription, the user also has the right to withdraw from the purchase within the period established by the legislation in force in Spain, with the SITE reserving the right to return only the proportional part of the time not enjoyed, to the extent That these products offer the right of access to a private area during the time of subscription and can be understood to have been exercised that right. The exercise of the right of withdrawal is free, that is, no reason should be alleged and the USER should only communicate his intention to desist to the administrators of the SITE ([email protected]).

Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

The SITE reserves the right to make changes at its website at any time, in its policies and in its terms and conditions, including these General Conditions of Sale. The USER will be subject to the policies, terms and conditions in force at the time of placing his order, unless, by law or request of the public authorities, changes must be made in them (in which case these changes are Could apply to any order made previously). If any of these conditions are declared invalid, null or ineffective for any reason, that condition shall be deemed excluded without affecting the validity of the rest of the General Conditions of Sale.