Spanish Business Course

The best way to learn Spanish for business

Spanish course via Skype taught by native professional tutors.

Business Spanish course specially designed for professionals who do, or expect to do dealings with companies from Spanish-speaking countries. It is suitable even for students from business schools who want to complete their training with specific Spanish lessons for business.

At the end of the course you will acquire the necessary skills to interact with a customer or supplier from a Spanish-speaking country. You will learn how to asking and confirming the information by phone and email, complaining about an order or invoice, and accepting and rejecting offers.


Course description

This business Spanish course focuses on communication skills such as listening speaking, discussing and explaining by using role play. It is also complemented with writing and reading activities. A minimum Pre-intermediate level is required.

Class topics

1Contacting by phone

  • Incoming calls management.
  • Understanding and confirming information by phone.
  • Receiving and leaving messages.
  • How to make an appointment.
2Contacting by email

  • How to establishing a first contact.
  • How to complaining by email.
  • Asking for invoices.

  • Talking about money an pricing.
  • How to negociate a price.
  • Making, accepting and rejecting offers.

Course duration

The total duration of the course is 15 hours sorted into ten private sessions of 90 minutes via Skype taught by a native Spanish-speaking teacher as your personal tutor.

Course pricing


Business Spanish course

€225.00 EUR

The pricing for this course includes everything. There are no hidden fees.


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