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Spanish for tourists course online via skype

Spanish Course for Tourists

Survival Spanish course online via Skype for travelers

This Spanish course for tourists is designed for all of you who plan a vacation in a Spanish-speaking country. It consists of useful phrases that will help you to get through your trip in a pleasant way, and enjoy your staying.

At the end of this online spanish course via Skype, you will acquire the necessary skills for tourists to interact in a Spanish-speaking country. You will learn how to asking directions, being understood in hotels, moving through the city, ordering food, going shopping and much more.


Course description

This Spanish course for tourists via Skype is guided by a native teacher and focuses on communication skills such as listening speaking, discussing and explaining by using role play . A basic Spanish level is required.

Class topics

1Surviving the airport

  • Vocabulary.
  • Useful expressions.
  • Claiming your lost luggage.
2Taking a taxi

  • Useful phrases.
  • Talking about directions.
3At the hotel

  • Make a reservation.
  • Talking to reception.
  • Useful vocabulary and phrases.
4Asking directions

  • Vocabulary of the city.
  • Useful expresions for giving and asking directions.
  • Verbs "coger" and "seguir".
5Ordering food

  • How to reserve a table.
  • How to order food.
  • Vocabulary.
6Buying at the shop

  • How to order and ask pricing.
  • Useful expressions.
  • Vocabulary.

Course duration

The total duration of the course is 9 hours sorted into six private sessions of 90 minutes via Skype taught by a native Spanish-speaking teacher as your personal Spanish tutor online.

Course pricing


Spanish course for tourists

€135.00 EUR

The pricing for this course includes everything. There are no hidden fees.


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