Spanish lessons online

Spanish lessons online

Spanish lessons online via skype with Spanish native teachers

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These lessons online are aimed at intermediate level Spanish Language practitioners, who want to improve their listening and speaking skills talking with a native Spanish-speaking teacher. Either via skype, zoom or other video conference system.

They will involve current topics in order to boost student's proficency.
Furthermore, idioms, vocabulary, phonetics… will be worked on, and errors will be corrected in real time.

Take advantage of what these Spanish lessons via Skype can do for you, and learn with funny and dynamic sessions, avoiding boring grammar lessons.


These lessons are intended for students of all levels who want to improve their writing, reading comprehension, speaking and listening skills. A pre-assigned well rounded curriculum will be used by the teacher according to the level of competence of the student.

This type of lessons will also include grammar and customized homework focused in the particular needs of each learner. Each lesson is designed to last for 50 minutes via Skype.

In addition to that. We offer as well tailored lessons for students looking for a quick boost in their proficiency or specific goals. You can ask for a budget from the form below or contact us.


Lessons for students of Spanish who are focused on usages of Spanish language in business.
A minimum Pre-intermediate level is required.

These Spanish lessons online include Spanish business culture, mock job interviews and Spanish resume. Also include meetings and presentation skills, business letters and phone calls.....

These lessons last for 50 min and can be adapted both individual and groups.

In case you were a group or interested in taking them, please do not hesitate to Contact us.
We will put together groups from time to time.


Spanish lessons online for travellers, hotel staff , hospitality students and all profiles related to tourism.

These last for 50 min and are focused on offering you real life solutions with our Spanish native teachers for practical situations that you can find in your travels or dealing with your visiting customers.

We are also currently offering immersion language courses in Spain. So that you all will have the chance to learn Spanish and practice with locals.

Learn Spanish as find out about Spanish culture. Please check out our Spanish immersion programs section.


Lessons online which last for 50 min tutored by our Spanish native teachers focused on the four communicative skills (listening, writing, reading, speaking) and practicing vocabulary.

Preparation of the test for all levels.
Mock exams will also available for students to practice with.

A1: Beginner / A2: Elementary - Lower Intermediate / B1: Intermediate - Upper Intermediate / B2: Advanced - Upper Advanced / C1: Higher / C2: Proficiency.

Talked lessons with spanish native teachers

Conversation Lessons

Eur9First class free

50 min Spanish lesson via skype, focused on communication with a native Spanish teacher.

General and Specific Purposes


Intended for students of all levels. Include Spanish online lessons for business , tourism...

Dele Exam Preparation


Preparation of the test for all levels. Dele diploma is awarded by the Instituto Cervantes.

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