About us

Who we are

Hi Español is an online School from Salamanca "Ciudad del Español" that allows you to practice and learn Spanish with Spanish teachers via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom...
We have a variety of Spanish Lessons online adapted to the needs of each student.
For all of you interested in Spanish culture and learning with locals, we have expertise in offering Immersion Programs and Summer Courses in Spain making it easier for you.

Currently offering

  • One to One and group Classes.
  • Easy booking system at your convenience.
  • Certified professional Spanish teachers.
  • Discounts for regular customers
  • Free Spanish Lessons for registered users.
  • Webinars, Events and many more.

Tell us your needs

We will adapt you a well-rounded curriculum that embraces them both, general and specific lessons. Please fullfill the contact form. We will contact you back, as soon as possible with a custom offer.

Also you can try our system, booking a 30 min trial lesson at your convenience.


Learn positively how to communicate with native teachers from Spain

Let yourself challenge your own limits and say Hi! to Español!

  • Cindy Parker
    Thanks to Hi Español I now feel that I can achieve my goal of being fluent in Spanish. It is wonderful to receive this teaching from experts in the comfort of my home.
    Cindy Parker
  • Trish White
    Language schools usually have a lot of students in one class. I'd rather study Spanish with a native teacher, where the classes I receive are face to face and designed for me.
    Trish White
  • James Mitchell
    The teachers are very nice and patient. I was too lazy to enroll in a Language school. Signing up is very easy and allows me to take the class from home at my own pace.
    James Mitchell