1What is Hi Español?
It is a Spanish language online school that allows you to practice and learn Spanish with native teachers. We also offer immersion programs in Spain, as well as some free resources for our registered users such as our Free Spanish lessons online. Webinars and so forth.
2Why Hi Español?
Hi Español offers Spanish online lessons at your convenience , letting you learn Spanish at your own pace wherever you are by talking to native Spanish speakers teachers in the comfort of your home. Therefore you will save both, precious time and money. We have different types of Spanish lessons online adapted to the needs of each student.
3What is a trial Lesson?
It is a 30 minute test class to assess your level and evaluate your needs. There is no obligation at all to book more lessons afterwards. How can I book my Spanish lessons and trial? How much they last? It is very easy. Access our reservation system. Choose day and time for the lesson. Time table is displayed in your local time. Learn Spanish and organize your Spanish online lessons at your best convenience. We have an open booking time window of two months to make it easier for both students and teachers to manage lessons. I f you want to book lessons in a specific time in advance please contact us.
4To book single classes or to sign for a customized package?
You can book as many individual lessons as you may require (the minimum is one). We offer competitive prices from just one lesson with important discounts to regular users and groups. But if you are going to need several of them in the long run , and you want to book them in a specific time in advance please contact us for a customized offer.
5How Do I manage my booked lessons, Can I cancel or rescheduling my lessons?
You will manage your booked lessons from your user dashboard. You can cancel your lesson 24 hours in advance with no cost. There will be no refund at all i f you cancel them within the 24 hours period (Only a one free change per lesson will be permitted). Besides Trial lessons will have no refund at all. Once canceled you have two options: Asking for a refund in case you canceled your lesson in time or rescheduling your lessons by contacting us. At [email protected] We will try to match day and hour which suit you the best.
6What is a different between Pending and aproved lessons?
One a lessons is booked their status is pending by default. Teacher must to approve them. We go through this process to make it sure you will receive your lessons in time, taking out risks. Just in case your tutor for any reason could not approve them. We will offer you an alternative day and time.

Any other questions contact us.