direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns together

In this lesson, you will learn the main rules to use and locate both direct and indirect object pronouns (Pronombres de complemento directo e indirecto) together in the same sentence.

Please review Direct Object pronouns Lessons before continuing

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Please review Indirect Object pronouns Lesson before continuing

Folow the link

Once you do so. We will be able to start off with the explanation.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Placing Direct Object Pronouns and Indirect Object Pronouns together


    Juan nos trajo la comida del restaurante. Juan nos la trajo del restaurante.

    (Juan brought it to us from the restaurant.)

    Te doy mi número de teléfono. Te lo doy.

    (I give it to you.)


Changing Le/Les to Se

As you have been told before, this is rather an aesthetic reason. Therefore do not dwell on it right now. Just keep in mind for now that "Se", has many other uses which we will review in future lessons.

    ¿Quién compró los regalos a los niños? ¿Quién se los compró?

    We do not say in Spanish: ¿Quién les los compró?


Placing direct and indirect object pronouns together with a conjugated verb + infinitive or gerund

There are two places where indirect object pronouns can be located on this matter. Before the conjugated verb or after it, attached either to the ending of the infinitive or gerund.

Conjugated verb + infinitive:   (El abuelo quiere comprar los regalos a los niños.)

    Before El abuelo se los quiere comprar.

    After El abuelo quiere comprárselos.

Conjugated verb + gerund:   (El abuelo está comprando los regalos a los niños.)

    Before El abuelo se los está comprando.

    After El abuelo está comprándoselos.



Stage 3


Tutored lesson


Pronouns in Spanish

We are not done yet!

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