The best way to learn Spanish

the best way to learn spanish,what is the best way to learn spanish

Speaking Spanish is becoming more necessary every day. Hi Espanol has already emphasized the importance of learning Spanish in a previous article. Many students who decide to learn Spanish do not really know how to start to look for the best way to learn Spanish. However others choose to learn Spanish in a traditional way in a classroom. The problem with this method of learning (especially in large groups) is that students feel stuck in their learning. This happens when standard lessons are not aimed to suit the particular learning needs of each student. Therefore, they find it difficult to achieve the desired proficiency, mostly in speaking the language. Activities focused on communication to promote social and speaking interaction with native Spanish speakers have been proven fundamental.

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

From Hi Espanol point of view, we believe that the best options to learn Spanish are the following ones:

Spanish Online lessons

An online class usually consists of a video chat (through Skype or Google Hangouts) between you and your teacher. In Hi Espanol we are proud that all our teachers are native Spanish speakers and hold a certificate by the Cervantes institute and other related qualifications. Therefore we can ensure that you will be able to have sessions with a highly professional native Spanish speaker to receive grammar corrections and explanations in real time.

In addition, the teacher can share learning materials by chat or simply share your screen with you. You will essentially get the same experience as if you were having a one to one tailored lesson with a private tutor in person. Hi Espanol gives you the option to take lessons in the comfort of your own home and book them at your convenience. We currently offer a 30 minutes free trial lesson. The booking system is very simple as you can see in the following video.


Hi Espanol also offers group classes for students who have a similar level of the Spanish language. The advantages of group lessons are that they are cheaper than private ones. If you are a group of friends or work colleagues looking to take group lessons, or if you are simply searching for a group class to save some money, please fill in this contact form.

Immersion Programs

A Spanish language immersion program involves moving to a Spanish speaking country to learn the language. By doing so you force yourself to communicate and interact with your new environment in Spanish. These programs include daily Spanish lessons in local schools and living with native families.
But not only that…! For most students is a once in a lifetime experience, enabling you to travel, to experience new cultures, places and to make new friends. Definitely an immersion programme is arguably the best and most efficient way to learn a new language.

If you decide to enrol in an immersion programme, we will want to help you from the beginning to the end. We will find the program that best suits your needs. We have collaboration agreements with different schools in a wide range of cities in Spain. From Salamanca to Barcelona, we facilitate various options and extracurricular activities to complement classroom learning.

Independent Spanish learning using free tools and resources

On the internet you can find videos, grammar, explanations, quizzes, etc., however, at Hi Espanol, we like to go a little further.On our website you will also find free resources such as; explanatory videos, quizzes, live webinars… but complemented with optional lessons with our tutors at special prices.

In summary, you can learn Spanish on your own for free or in a traditional classroom , but if you need extra support, advice or help, we are there for you. You can trust our experienced teachers to professionally and effectively support you to meet your learning needs.

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